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An Opportunity Taken

Caribbean and Central American countries love baseball. For example, in the Dominican Republic there is a large network of coaches and players who are connected and communicating in their communities and throughout the country through baseball.

All over the island you see children and young people playing baseball with the hope of making it to the Major Leagues. Many of them dropped out of school to focus on baseball with the hope of signing a baseball contract at the age of 16 with a Major League team in the Dominican Republic dreaming that they will be selected to travel to the United States when they are 18 to play in the minor leagues.

This existing network of coaches and players represents a great opportunity to spread the gospel and further strengthen local churches.

Objectives we are looking for

In 2011 God allowed the leaders of the MGB ministry to meet BILD International (Biblical Leadership Development Institute). This partnership boosted our effectiveness and gave us a better focus on how to reach our goals.

Our ministry understood the importance of the local church in the expansion of the gospel. Therefore, we are actively involved in the training of pastors, leaders, missionaries… in order to establish local churches in the word and vision of God while they expand and multiply.

We are actively working in three countries: the United States, the Dominican Republic and Cuba. We continue to use baseball as a platform for evangelism in our network of coaches and players. As we continue to develop healthy church networks that spontaneously expand in the Way of Christ and the Apostles.