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Who we are

Meeting God In Baseball (MGB) is a Christian ministry based in California, USA. It works in the expansion and establishment of the Church.

We have two areas of work, one sports and one missionary.

In the sports area we use baseball (a very popular sport in these countries) as a platform to communicate the gospel and disciple believers.

In our missionary area we work with networks of local churches, training pastors, leaders and missionaries in order to strengthen the local church as it expands spontaneously.

Countries where we are located:

Our Mission

"To serve the purposes of God and the call of the Great Commission" using baseball as a vehicle to accomplish this work.

Our Vision

“To build the Body of Christ into a family of spiritually mature families that will fulfill the desires of Jesus' heart..”

Our prayer is “Lord Jesus, show us and teach us how to build up the Body of Christ, Your Church, in a way that glorifies and pleases You.”

Current objectives

Currently, the local church lacks adequately trained and spirit-led leadership.

The partnership with BILD International develops the leadership resources needed to build a strategic network of churches with trained pastors/leaders who are establishing and expanding the Body of Christ throughout Latin America.

“Trainers of disciples to become strong Men of God who will use their influence to model Christ with their players, discipling them to become men after God’s own heart, ultimately raising them up not only to have a spiritual impact in Latin America for the purposes of eternity, but also as socially responsible leaders who contribute to their own families, their church families and their communities.”

At the heart of the vision is the desire for every child to experience the blessing of godly parents in their lives. To create a home environment where every child can feel secure and can be at peace when they go to sleep; and finally they can experience God’s love through their family. Imagine a home where they learn to approach God in a true intimate relationship with Him through the life example of their parents. This can only be achieved through the family of families, the Body of Christ, and only when the Church Body is grounded in sound doctrine and is spiritually healthy.